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U2's Spider-Man Musical Getting Awful Reviews

I don't live in New York, particularly like musical theater, or have $300 to blow on a ticket to see Spider-Man sing songs, so this is coming entirely third-hand: Apparently U2's Spider-Man musical started premiering this weekend, and it got really terrible reviews. Like reports that audience members left, that there were technical mishaps, the acting was bad, and most insulting to U2, that the score was "bland" said theatre critic Michael Riedel. That's perhaps understandable, since U2's music since roughly 1992 can be described accurately as "bland." But who could have predicted that this would get bad reviews? Oh, right, everyone, since this had one of the most tortured lead ups to premiere of any play I've heard of Read more at Spin.

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Okay, now I have to see this just to confirm how bad it is, which will hurt my soul since Spidey is one of my favorite characters. The most baffling thing was having U2 do the score. I feel bad for Julie Taymor, but then again she probably did it for the money so maybe I don't feel so bad.

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This wasn't it's premier. The show is in previews, which is totally different than a premier. It's the time during which they can fix things that are wrong with it.


U2's music "bland" since 1992?? LMAO. The writer of this article Andrew Winistorfer...? REALLY needs to know what he speaks of before he writes. Since 1992, how many grammy's have they won?? Do your research dude.


If Grammys and quality were correlated, the Grammys would still be worth watching. U2 has been terrible for almost two decades now. "Bland" is a kind understatement. That said, I'm hoping against hope that this show turns out better than the press on it is suggesting.


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