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U2 Tops Forbes' Music Rich List

That canceled U2 tour across North America may have cost the band an estimated $148 million, but Bono and the boys still raked in the cash in the past year. Forbes has produced its annual Top Earning Musician list, with U2 making an impressive $130 million between June 2009 and June 2010.


The list demonstrates the backwards looking nature of the industry at present, with AC/DC coming in second ($114 million earned) and Bruce Springsteen in fourth ($68.7 million). Newer artists in the top 10 included Beyonce at number three ($82 million) and Lady GaGa at number 7 ($61 million).


Naturally, the bulk of this money didn’t come from record sales, with most artists making their money from touring. But Forbes has some potentially bad news for Bono and the other high rollers—they predict “over saturation” of the live market may lead to a downturn in interest, which would be catastrophic for an already ailing industry.


Full Forbes Top Earning Musicians list:


01. U2 ($130m)

02. AC/DC ($114m)

03. Beyonce Knowles ($82m)

04. Bruce Springsteen ($68.7m)

05. Britney Spears ($64m)

06. Jay-Z ($62m)

07. Lady GaGa ($61m)

08. Madonna ($58m)

09. Kenny Chesney ($50m)

= 10. Black Eyed Peas ($47m)

= 10. Coldplay ($47m)


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Bruce Springsteen
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