U2 Starting To Talk About Hanging It Up, Probably Won’t Be Hanging It Up

    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, U2 frontman started talking about something no old bands want to openly consider: Whether or not they are still “relevant” and whether or not they should quit on their last well-received album. 

    “The band are like, ‘Will you shut up about being irrelevant?’” Bono told the magazine. “We’d be very pleased to end on No Line on the Horizon. We have so many [new] songs, some of our best. But I’m putting some time aside to just go and get lost in the music. I want to take my young boys and my wife and just disappear with my iPod Nano and some books and an acoustic guitar.”

    Bono followed up that statement saying that a quick retirement all of a sudden is unlikely, and the Edge says that there is a 50/50 chance that the band will put out a new album next year. Which means that there’s a possibility it’ll be four years between U2 albums, since Horizon came out in 2009. 

    So what should you take away from the breathless reporting about this, which considers whether or not U2 are a “legendary” band? Basically that U2 are starting to think about quitting, which is understandable, since Bono is as old as your grandpa. [EW]