U2, Bon Jovi Top-Earners For Touring In 2011

    No big surprises here when it comes to the top-earners for touring in 2011. Coming in at number one are road warriors U2, who raked in $293.3 million in box office and nearly 3 million in ticket sales, according to Billboard. If you think that’s impressive, their total amount earned from their 360 tour is $736.4 million. I know, holy shit, right?

    Bon Jovi lands at the number two spot with a total of $193 million earned in the past year from touring the globe. Again,  not much of a shocker. What is surprising, however, is that reunited British boy band Take That came in at three by earning $185 million in their native U.K. and other European countries.

    The rest of the list goes a little something like this: Roger Waters’ ongoing presentation of The Wall at $150 million; Taylor Swift at $97.3 million; Kenny Chesney at $84.6 million; Usher at $75 million; Lady GaGa at $72 million; Andre Rieu at $67 million; and Sade at $50 million.