Tyler, The Creator Pictured Hanging With Kanye West

    Odd Future captain Tyler, The Creator has been photographed a couple of times over the last few months with varied potential collaborators. Here he is with fellow OF member Frank Ocean and Toro Y Moi. And here he is with Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco. In this picture, however, Tyler is seen hanging out with his biggest star-friend yet, Kanye West. He accompanied the photo with a caption: “ITS ME AND THIS NIGGA.”

    What does it all mean? Well, we don’t really know (yet). Perhaps they’re recording together, talking about recording together, or simply enjoying one another’s fine company. West looks a little disoriented and Tyler looks like a diaper change is in order. Whatever the case, the latter has also recently been pictured holding a blunt next to Wiz Khalifa, though he’s since Tweeted that he wasn’t smoking and actually fooled his own mother. Basically, Tyler is getting around, that’s what we know for now. [Hipster Runoff]