Tyler, The Creator Unveils “Nuts + Bolts” Episode 1 On Vice

    Watch Tyler, The Creator's First Episode Of “Nuts + Bolts” On Vice

    Tyler The Creator Vice Claymation

    Not too soon after the release of his newest album Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator dropped the first episode of his Viceland hosted show “Nuts + Bolts.”

    Beyond the realm of music making, Tyler Gregory Okonma (his real life name) always had an affinity for creating (pardon the pun). At a young age he would dabble in art by the way of making his own album covers including imaginary track listings that included their length times. Many real albums later, Tyler would be creating claymation.

    The first episode opens with Tyler’s claymated-self asking Henry Selick, the animator and director of classic films such as James & The Giant Peach and The Nightmare Before Christmas for some advice as to what he should focus on in his short. He then of course would also have to ask the creators of Adult Swim’s famed “Robot Chicken” for advice as well. The “Robot Chicken” vibe and style seems like something Tyler would just meld with effortlessly.

    Prior to making his first official claymation video, the multi-talented artist admitted to having already dabbled in the art form in 2008. He recalls it as a menagerie of photographs that he put music to. But his full-fledged debut as a claymator is a much more technical endeavor.

    He would not only work with a full crew to shoot every little movement shot-by-shot but he and Odd Future member Jasper would also do voice overs.

    You can watch the first episode and the full-claymated video at the very end below:

    As you can see, Tyler is quite the busy man. Not only did he release a new album, but now he’s dabbling in animation and of course has new television show “Nuts + Bolts” airing on Viceland every Thursday at 10:30pm. You get to follow him on his journey to explore all things the things that make him tick.