Tyler, the Creator Releases New Single, “I Ain’t Got Time” [Listen]

    Rapper reveals that both Kanye West and Nicki Minaj declined to collaborate on track

    Tyler, the Creator, has dropped a fourth single from his upcoming album Flower Boy. The track, titled “I Ain’t Got Time!”, was released with an accompanying interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, which can be heard below.

    In the interview, Tyler reveals the process by which “I Ain’t Got Time” eventually came to to full fruition. The single originally started as two songs, which Tyler proceeded to blend into one track while experimenting alone with equipment in Kanye’s studio while recording The Life of Pablo. In his Beats 1 interview, Tyler says,

    “I think [Kanye] went to take a nap, and I was just in the studio, and…there was a mic right there…so I started making weird noises, and I was like ‘I’m gonna just add a hook.'” He then decided that he wanted Kanye to appear on the track.

    But Tyler initially hit several walls while trying to fulfill his original vision for “I Ain’t Got Time.” After proposing that Kanye appear on the track he’d created with him in mind, Tyler went on to state that Kanye declined to collaborate, because he “didn’t like it.”

    Tyler then discloses that he “wanted Nicki Minaj on that [track] so bad,” saying, “I reached out to her so many times…but she was like, ‘I couldn’t think of nothing.'”
    Tyler then explained that he felt as though Nicki had missed a prime opportunity to shine creatively while bridging the gap between her and Tyler’s fan bases.

    Nevertheless, despite initial setbacks, Tyler chose to continue working on “I Ain’t Got Time,” tweaking the beat and writing his own verses for the song instead. The end result is an aggressive, energetic banger, with a one-of-a-kind vibe exclusive to Tyler, the Creator’s vision and voice.

    Flower Boy will be out July 21 via Columbia Records.