Ty Segall Teases ‘Twins’ With Yet Another Bizarre Video

    With two highly praised LPs already released this year — Hair, a collaboration with psychedelic rockers White Fence, and Slaughterhouse, attributed to the Ty Segall Band — one might assume Ty Segall would take a break for the remainder of 2012. 

    Fortunately for Segall fans (or unfortunately, for those experiencing Segall fatigue), there’s Twins  the third and final 2012 release by the Bay Area garage punk, set for release Oct. 9 on Drag City. Following the same freaky stoner nightmare of Segall’s “The Hill” video, a teaser commercial for Twins combines clips from a variety of notoriously bad films with segments of tracks from the upcoming LP. Preorders for Twins are currently up at Drag City.