Ty Segall Preps New Compilation, ‘Singles 2007-2010’

    Although its name would leave you thinking otherwise, Ty Segall’s Singles 2007-2010 isn’t only filled with the garage rocker’s single releases. He’s also included some rarities in the bunch, including a demo of “Standing at the Station.” For the most part, though, the collection focuses on the singles that Segall has released over the past few years. And as the lengthy track listing tells you, he has dropped a lot of singles. So if you have missed one, then you should be covered here. The same goes for anyone who picked up this year’s very good Goodbye Bread and wanted to hear some more from the prolific San Francisco musician.

    You can view the track listing below. Singles 2007-2010 drops Nov. 22 on Goner Records.

    1. Where We Go
    2. It
    3. Sweets
    4. Son Of Sam
    5. Skin
    6. Booksmarts
    7. Ms. White
    8. … And Then Judy Walked In
    9. Cents
    10. No No
    11. Standing At The Station
    12. My Sunshine
    13. Fuzzy Cat
    14. Maria Stacks
    15. Caesar
    16. Bullet Proof Nothing
    17. Lovely One
    18. Happy Creeps
    19. Hey Big Mouth
    20. Dating
    21. So Alone
    22. Shoot You In The Head
    23. The Drag
    24. Standing At The Station (demo)
    25. I Think I’ve Had It