Two new Atlas Sound songs released in time for Halloween

    It’s Halloween this week and there’s a new Deerhunter album released tomorrow (October 28). To celebrate both these facts, Bradford Cox has reactivated his Atlas Sound project with two Halloween themed songs, which can be downloaded via the bountiful Deerhunter/Atlas Sound blog.

    “Danse Infernale” is a meandering track based around an ever-repeating loop and featuring some distant vocal yelps from Cox. It’s surprisingly jaunty for a Halloween song, and certainly won’t have anyone leaping under the bedsheets in fright. “Danse Macabre,” which is not based on the Saint-Saëns composition of the same name, is a twinkly, vocal-less piece full of pleasant xylophone sounds.


    Both songs bear a lightness of touch that suggests Cox probably eschews dastardly, Freddy Kruger-style Halloween costumes in favor of whimsical, Addams Family-style get-ups. You can download them here.