Two Men Arrested In Alleged Joss Stone Murder Plot

    Why would anyone want to kill Joss Stone? We may be about to find out the answer to that morbid question, as two men have been arrested under suspicion of trying to murder the English singer-songwriter. The men were discovered outside her home with while carrying swords, rope and a body bag.


    Was the plan to kill Joss Stone with swords? If so this might be one of the most warped celebrity murder attempts in history, but so far we don’t know many more details. The folks at British newspaper the Daily Telegraph, who are responsible for breaking this news, have the following statement from a source:


    “The pair were brought in on Tuesday morning and are in the cells. They are being quizzed about a plot to cause Joss Stone really serious harm. They have their solicitors with them but the police want to know what lies behind this.”


    “The police want to know if this alleged conspiracy is about her money and fame or just some kind of resentment over her success. It looks like this pair had an A-Z of what they were planning to do. A body bag, swords and maps of where she lives in mid Devon were recovered. It looks like they were going to do her really nasty harm if they didn’t get what they wanted.”


    This bizarre and, let’s face it, downright scary story is likely to develop in an interesting manner over the coming months. The Chief Inspector in charge of the case, Steve Parker, has said that “police enquiries continue and the men remain in custody.” Meanwhile, Stone is apparently prepping for a tour of Europe in the coming months, which will presumably go ahead with heightened security.