Twitter Accounts Of No Doubt, Rise Against Hacked By Ron Paul Supporters

    Apparently the Twitter accounts of bands No Doubt and Rise Against were hacked by supporters of United States Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. After an endorsement for Paul appeared on No Doubt’s page, it was quickly followed with this Tweet: “If you actually read what Ron Paul is saying, you will discover that for the first time in your life a politician is not lying to you.” The political statements on both accounts have since been deleted and No Doubt wrote, “Our Twitter account was hacked last night. No political endorsements at this time. Love, No Doubt.” Similarly, Rise Against Tweeted, “”We were hacked. As you would all assume, we DO NOT support Ron Paul.”

    Umm, alright? Any guess why the Paul supporters chose to specifically hack the accounts of these two bands, as well as Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger? Are the fans of these artists indecisive or easily swayed? Paul didn’t do terribly in the New Hampshire primaries. I’ve got so many questions. [NME]