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Twista, Kanye, Asher Roth and the Game to Appear in <i>NBA 2K10</i>

One of the best parts about NBA Jam on Sega Genesis was the random people who were available as playable characters. Bill Clinton doing half-court dunks? Sure. Awesome. NBA 2K10 is trying to regain some of that lost luster on NBA games by having rappers as playable characters in the streetball mode, including Twista (who probably hasn't even jogged since 1996), Kanye West, Asher Roth (who, as Woody Harrelson taught us, can't jump) and the Game. Roth vs. Twista would be pretty funny, but I'd rather have Glenn Beck vs. a giant green dude. NBA 2K10 is out now. [HipHopDX]

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Asher Roth
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