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MP3: Twista "Give It Up" [feat. Pharrell]

Two opinions.
The drums: Holy hell, they sound amazing.
The hook: Holy hell, that is annoying.
Twista comes back with a new track produced by the Neptunes, featuring Pharrell. No big surprises here. Twista rhymes fast and the beat is outstanding.
But the hook is so lackluster and is repeated so many times it nearly ruins the track. If we hear the words "give it up" strung together again in the next week, we're pretty much guaranteed a violent outburst. The next mugger who approaches us on Capp Street better be prepared to fight to the death.

[Thank you, Spine]
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"Holy hell, that is [f*cking] annoying"! Good God Allah, maybe the most wasted beat of the year. You just watch.

Steve Lampiris

the verses are sweet (dare i say even pharrell's is decent), but they're like a fraction of the song. quite disappointing.

Mike Krolak

Wow, you guys are so critical! You actually think they are going to be thinkin about all the bull you just said when they spin this in the club? NOPE! They gonna dance reguardless. Just be thankful that it's not snap music and Twista is not doing or sounding like everybody else!


I lovelovelove the beat, and actually, I don't mind the hook. I do agree its repetitive, but I think it's no more repetitive than the hook in SexyBack by Justin; and who doesnt love that song??


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