Twin Shadow Announces New Album, ‘Confess,’ Hear The First Single Now

    George Lewis Jr. has been rising up the indie lineup since the release of his 2010 debut, Forget, an album he is finally going to follow up: On July 10, 4AD releases Confess. The track list is below, and the cover is above.

    1. Golden Light
    2. You Call Me On
    3. Five Seconds
    4. Run My Heart
    5. The One
    6. Beg for the Night
    7. Patient
    8. When the Movie’s Over
    9. I Don’t Care
    10. Be Mine Tonight

    That’s not all: You can hear lead single “Five Seconds” below. It’s a synthy, shout-along, snappy track, like the best stuff off of Forget. This just moved up our list of most anticipated for 2012. Check it: