‘Twin Peaks’ Gets A New Soundtrack From ‘Silent Drape Runners’

    Fans of Twin Peaks, the cult early ’90s show created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, probably don’t think anything about the program needs changing at all. The huge cast is pitch-perfect, the setting can’t be beat, and the last thing you’d ever want to mess with is Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic and haunting soundtrack. 

    However, Twin Peaks has been off the air for over 20 years, and new generations of fans are discovering it every day. Such a beloved series deserves to be updated every now and again, which is precisely what Brooklyn-based electronic duo Silent Drape Runners is attempting to do. 

    According to the LA Times, keyboardist Russ Marshalek and singer Sophie Weiner actually started playing music together over episodes of Twin Peaks

    Re-soundtracking Twin Peaks is how our band got started about a year ago. We’ve also done an event where we re-soundtracked The Little Mermaid with rave/house music, which was really fun. We sort of wanted to do something that was the opposite of Twin Peaks.

    Silent Drape Runners gets its name from secondary character Nadine’s desperate attempts to make silent drape runners. When her husband Ed accidentally drips motor oil on her cotton prototypes, she succeeds in ending the torment of opening drapes noisily. If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks, this should give you an idea of what the shows about. That, and a lot of mystical investigation into a horrific crime. Check out Silent Drape Runners performing a brief set below and do yourself a favor — watch Twin Peaks as soon as possible.