TV Girl Announce Debut Mixtape

    Last week we gave your their “I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now,” this morning an interview, and now we’re here to tell you about TV Girl’s upcoming debut mixtape. Given the Bruce Springsteen-referencing title The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle, the tape will be available for free May 4 through Himanshu of Das Racist’s Greedhead label and, according to said interview, features “somewhere around 86” samples. Check out the tape’s track listing below, and don’t forget the band is still on the way with their debut LP.

    1. Keep Me Distracted
    2. I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now
    3. Misery
    4. It Evaporates
    5. Mirror Mirror
    6. Loneliness Can Be Demanding
    7. Flip the Record!
    8. Loud and Clear
    9. TV in the Bedroom
    10. On the Fence
    11. Sweaters
    12. Jane’s Critique
    13. The Artist
    14. Keep Me Distracted (Part II)
    15. All a Dream