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It was just a month ago that we posited the question of whether or not's best days were over as the site continued to see its traffic fall and then become stagnant at a much lower level than when it launched last summer. But now, we're pretty damn sure that we spoke too soon. 

Billboard reports that founder Billy Chasen and co-founder Seth Goldstein announced at SXSW today that their company has officially gone legit: They have inked a licensing deal with all four of the major labels. Yeah, this is pretty huge and should only mean much bigger things for moving forward. 

Here's what Goldstein told

"This feels like an all-time record speed launch - when we launched we really didn't come at this from the music industry, it was all new to us," Goldstein [said]. "Our model is unique - we're not a radio service, not an on-demand service. We have interesting aspects that really require some out-of-the-box thinking. We felt that from the get-go the labels were absolutely different from what I'd been led to believe. They gave us a lot of time and attention. Compared to their user base, we're a tiny service in the broad scheme of things." 

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