Turbonegro forced to cancel Coachella appearance

    Scandanavian rockers Turbonegro have been force to cancel their upcoming North American tour, which included an appearance at Coachella, because of the ongoing health problems of guitarist Knut Schreiner, a.k.a. Euroboy. While the unnamed condition was not characterized as life threatening, treatment has left Schreiner unable to handle the rigors of touring. The band was apologetic about the cancellations and offered the following statement:


    "A huge apology to the US fans and to the promoters," they said. "I’m sure that all will understand that this decision wasn’t taken lightly, but it is the right decision for Euroboy. He is in good shape, all considered, but his treatment makes it impossible for him to be away for long periods of time and certainly not to be taking long haul flights."



    The additional cancelled dates were at the Vancover Commodore Ballroom on April 22, Portland Hawthorne Theatre on April 23, San Francisco Great American Music Hall on April 24, and in Santa Cruz at Catalyst on April 25. [Billboard]