Trouble in Strokesville?

    Anyone else wondering about the state of affairs in The Strokes camp right about now? In case you missed it, Albert Hammond Jr has told NME that the songs from his forthcoming solo album were rejected by his Strokes bandmates. Here’s his explanation:
    ””I did suggest my songs (to the rest of The Strokes) once or twice and I got turned down. It wasn”’t actually Julian who turned it down, it was the other members who didn”’t like it. Julian writes the songs and we play them and do our thing with them.”
    Now doesn’t that just sound like a big, happy family? Of course Hammond Jr denied anything was wrong within the band with the quickness, stating:
    “I don’t think I feel trapped in the band but I’m definitely glad I made this record. It wasn’t, ‘I wanna get out’, just sometimes after all the press and touring with each other sometimes you want something different.”
    Right. Who thinks The Strokes are done? Who thinks Hammond’s just done with them? Leave your comments below.