Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Interviews TV on the Radio, Beastie Boys and Fans at Bonnaroo (Video)


    On Friday, Conan aired the clips of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Bonnaroo where he ventures among the “pungent hippies” who go for four days of music “to break up the 361 days of unemployment.” The highlight of the first part, which is above, is when Triumph asks Tunde Adebimpe and Gerard Smith from TV on the Radio to describe their music in one word, but to keep in mind that “crap is already taken by the Decemberists.” The second part (below) has a nude Max Weinberg, a great Flavor Flav joke (“he wears a clock to know exactly how far back he set the civil rights movement”), Triumph asking a fan if she had to sell her meth lab to come to Bonnaroo and a long interview with the Beastie Boys where he calls them old Jews, a living Pep Boys logo, and says that back in the day, the only white rappers were the Beasties and WIll Smith. The clips are reminiscent of Triumph’s day waiting in line at Attack of the Clones.