Trey Songz Sued For $18 Million Over “Bottoms Up”

    Apparently someone out there really, really wants their credit for possibly originally producing the ugh Trey Songz song “Bottoms Up”: IHip-Hop, a Washington D.C. company, has sued Songz, his label, and Kodak for use of of the song, claiming that the song was originally done by a producer named Milton James. James alleges that he worked on the track with Kane Beatz, the credited producer of Songz’s song, and Kane stole it and added a few minor flourishes. The lawsuit alleges that IHip-Hop sent numerous cease and desist letters to Songz’ label, but they were ignored. They’re seeking a totally reasonably $18 million, which is probably worth more than Songz’s fortune, his contract, his deal with Kodak (which is airing ads that feature the song), and anything else he has. [Billboard