Trey Parker Will Direct ‘Book of Mormon’ Movie Someday, But Not Soon

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone want to adapt their hit Broadway musical The Book of Mormon to the screen – just not any time soon.

    Parker and Stone have mentioned adapting their Tony Award-winning play to as a movie since a few months after its debut. However, Badass Digest reported that the South Park creators say there are no immediate plans for a Book of Mormon film to be made.

    At a Q&A session after the Los Angeles premiere of The Book of Mormon, Parker told the crowd that they were originally considering making a movie instead of a stage play, but vetoed the idea after working on the script. “Matt and I knew how to make a movie we were just like well let’s make a movie ’cause we can do that pretty quickly, but we stuck with it and after we saw our first few workshops with an audience, we were like nah, this would be cool as a stage thing,” said Parker.

    If The Book of Mormon does go to the big screen, Parker plans to make significant changes to the script. “We wouldn’t want to just do this on film. We’d have to really rethink it. But I think we could redo it,” he said. “I don’t think it would be a really difficult thing, but it would also have to be a pretty different animal when we’re done with it. We don’t talk about it too much right now or think about it, but it’s very possible one day. That’s all I know.”

    Fortunately, Parker did insist that if a film version is made, he definitely would be the director. “I don’t think anyone else would direct it. The cinematic vision is pretty strong. I mean, I think we want to do a movie of it someday but, right now, we’re just trying to get our head around this version,” explained Parker.

    While Parker and Stone have not ruled out making a movie of The Book of Mormon, it could be many years down the road, so eager fans may want to visit the official Facebook page to get dates and ticketing information.