Trent Reznor Still Strangely Obsessed With Chris Cornell

    Nine Inch Nails may be winding down their live shows, but that hasn’t prevented Trent Reznor from shooting his mouth off at every available opportunity. His problems with Twitter and online communities are now well know, but there’s one burning issue that has inflamed Reznor so much that he just can’t let it go. Yes, Chris Cornell’s Scream is still on his mind.


    “What he’s talking about is making your record sound like what’s on the radio, whether it’s appropriate or not,” the singer told “And that’s what Chris did. I think that when somebody who is respected like he is goes that route, it sends the message that it’s OK to give up any kind of core values you had to be the fashion of the moment. I don’t think that’s OK. I think it’s harmful. If I have one major fight in the world of the music business, it’s trying to keep art first and commerce second.”


    Reznor clearly has some special insight into Cornell’s creative process, although he neglects to mention exactly how he became aware of the former Soundgarden singer’s decision to jump into bed with Timbaland. But a clue to Reznor’s odd obsession with Cornell also surfaces in the interview, and it appears to stem from a grudge he has held for the past 15 years:


    “We had a chip on our shoulder about Soundgarden because their record [Superunknown] came out the same day Downward Spiral came out, and they beat us to No. 1 on Billboard,” he said. “That became a kind of professional showdown. And we did show them.” Let it go, Trent. Let it go.