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Trent Reznor Returns to Twitter

Trent Reznor’s on-again/off-again love affair with Twitter just switched back to “on” again. The Nine Inch Nails singer tried going cold turkey back in June, then returned, then quit again, and has now come back for another bout of tweets. “If you follow known trolls, you will get blocked,” reads his brief bio on the site.


So far, we haven’t got much Trent action. Just one message saying: “Is this thing on?” and another explaining the recent EBay auctions of his band’s gear. “Regarding the NIN/eBay auctions - just clearing out some storage spaces for a new beginning,” he writes. 


You can follow Reznor's tweets here—newcomers can expect to read about his odd obsession with Chris Cornell, thoughts on social networking, and ultimately a huge flounce when he gets overwhelmed by personal messages from his strange, stalker-ish fans.  


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Nine Inch Nails

His music started sucking years ago. I wish he would just go the hell away.

Kevin Wright

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