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Trent Reznor Refocuses On How To Destroy Angels

Now that he's added "Oscar winner" to his already bloated resume, Trent Reznor is getting back into the studio with his wife, Mariqueen Mandig, to finish work on the debut LP from How to Destroy Angels. 


Reznor told Billboard recently, "I just finished recording a How to Destroy Angels project with my wife (Mariqueen Maandig),” Reznor said. “We have to mix it. [It will be out in the] early fall, most likely.”


Like HTDA's self-titled EP released last year, fans can expect a free, low bit-rate download before high-quality digital and physical copies are released. The How to Destroy Angels set is expected to precede Reznor and Atticus Ross's follow-up project with David Fincher, the score to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


In the meantime, for those who still haven't heard the pair's award-winning Social Network opus, it's available for a mere $5 here. [via]

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