Trent Reznor Quits Web 2.0

    Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has used Web 2.0 to announce that he is quitting Web 2.0. Anonymous harassment via his Twitter feed and on the Nine Inch Nails forum appear to be at the root of Reznor’s problems, and he believes these outlets are “now doing more harm than good.”

    A long, rambling message on the Nine Inch Nails forum outlines Reznor’s issues. He lashes out at “unattractive plump females who publicly fantasize about having sex with guys in bands” via a forum named Metal Sludge (although Trent himself isn’t looking so svelte these days). He also refers to his social networking as an “interesting experiment” but claims the owners of such websites “are not concerned with the quality of experience.”

    It’s naïve of Reznor not to expect some kind of negative experience/flaming/abuse when engaging in such networking, although it’s difficult to gauge exactly how much derision was thrown at him. He claims three or four people were sending him “between 50 – 100 message per day of delusional, often threatening nonsense.” With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Reznor has turned his back on Web 2.0, but I bet he’s in a tour bus somewhere now, thinking about Twitter and trying really hard to resist the urge to log in.


    Pic: Olga Bas