‘Treme’ Gets A Fourth Season, But It May Be A Short One

    When one of the most important talents in television has a project underway, it’s usually a good idea to give them as much time and money as they want. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always translate into success for a TV program. 

    David Simon, the creator of The Wire, is no stranger to not getting his due until years later. That show was never a smash success, in the ratings nor universally among critics. It wasn’t until the show was almost over that viewers and commentators discovered it on DVD and came to realize what an amazing piece of TV art it was. 

    Fans of Simon’s latest project, Treme, which tells the story of many characters in a post-Katrina New Orleans, would argue that the same will eventually happen to the new program. Unfortunately, HBO doesn’t seem to think so. 

    Fortunately, according to IndieWire, Treme  will at least get to wrap up its many storylines — a fate other pay cable series, such as Deadwood, weren’t fortunate enough to experience. The word is that this last chunk of Treme will be four to six hours long, though it isn’t clear what format that programming will take.