Trailer For Michael Jackson Lifetime Biopic ‘Searching For Neverland’ Released

    The Lifetime biopic will premiere on May, 29th.

    The first trailer for the new Lifetime biopic about Michael Jackson has been released. With Navi (the self-proclaimed “World’s Number 1 MJ Impersonator” – literally, that’s his Instagram handle) starring as the King of Pop. Watch the trailer below.

    Michael is the latest celebrity to become the focus of a Lifetime biopic, which historically, have had less than stellar reviews. Nevertheless, folks seem to flock to their TVs to watch the surefire trainwrecks. Some of their most famous films include Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, The Britney Murphy Show, Anna Nicole, Whitney, and just this year, Britney Ever After.

    The biopics focused on the music icons like Aaliyah and Britney tend to be the most laughable because Lifetime is seldom able to lock down music rights for the artists. Making movies about pop-stars without using their music is like making a Michael Jordan biopic in which the Chicago Bulls wear super bootleg jerseys and play on a court without a bull anywhere to be seen (which is, in fact, a real thing that exists.)

    While it appears Searching for Neverland will be a movie about Michael Jackson without any Michael Jackson music, they might be able to justify this because this story most certainly isn’t about Michael’s chart-topping Thriller and Bad days.

    Based on Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard’s 2014 book, “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days”, the film will center around MJ’s final years as his bodyguards are questioned by investigators about the King of Pop’s relationship with Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who administered the fatal dose of Propofol in the hours before the legend’s death. The film will surely pull on some heartstrings as well, as it’ll also focus on Michael’s balancing act to raise his children, Prince, Paris, and Blanket. 

    “He doesn’t want to be the King of Pop,” one of his bodyguards says. “He just wants to be Mike. A normal American dad.”

    Cancel your Memorial Day weekend plans and have that long overdue Michael Jackson party. Rules are, guests must wear their favorite era Michael, from the Jackson 5 days all the way up to the This Is It press conference. I call dibs on Captain EO! Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland will premiere Memorial Day, May 29th, on Lifetime.