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Dethklok, Trail of Dead on Adult Swim tour

The latest in a line of fake bands to garner serious fan love (see also Flight of the Conchords, Tenacious D), Dethklok, the animated metal outfit featured on the Adult Swim series Metalocalypse, is now making like a real band with an album and touring. The Dethklok album Dethalbum was released back in September, and a double DVD set of the show's first season was released earlier this month. Now, the band is set to head out on the second Adult Swim sponsored tour of college campuses with ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Should be interesting, as, with the Gorillaz, the dilemma here is how to translate a cartoon band onto a live stage.
Follow on after the jump for the tour dates...
10/29 Albuquerque, NM - University of New Mexico
10/31 Las Vegas, NV - UNLV
11/1 Los Angeles, CA - UCLA
11/2 Berkeley, CA - UC-Berkeley
11/5 Fort Collins, CO - Colorado State University
11/7 Minneapolis, MN - University of Minnesota
11/8 Vermillian, SD - University of South Dakota
11/11 Boulder, CO - University of Colorado
11/13 Carbondale, IL - University of Souther Illinois
11/15 Norman, OK - University of Oklahoma
11/17 Lawrence, KS - University of Kansas
11/18 Evanston, IL - Northwestern
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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
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Explain something to me: I can understand why you might call Dethklok a "fake band," but how does that term apply to th'D or Conchords? If actual people write and perform their own material, how is that "fake"? Because they goof on the clichés of their chosen idioms? I could understand if you call them "joke bands," but there are mainstream groups far more synthetic and corporately-engineered that somehow don't get dissed as "fake." And I notice you could have gone with the obvious comparison between Dethklok and Gorillaz, but didn't. Is it because the latter contains actual accomplished musicians? Dethklok has Gene Hoglan from Strapping Young Lads on drums.I'm not trying to be combative; I just don't follow your logic.


True, it might have been better to go with a "joke bands that became much bigger than just a one-off joke" angle rather than "fake bands." Either way, I was trying to get at how postmodern these groups (phenomena?) are in the way they blur the line between art and artifice.

John Zeiss

I'm with vjb2 on this one. The interesting thing is that there are a ton of metal acts (Leviathan, Burzum, Xasthur, etc.) that exist essentially in the studio as one-man creations, similar to what Brendan Small is doing with Dethklok. To me, the fact that Dethklok is a cartoon seems secondary - people take Gorillaz seriously, as pointed out above - the important thing is that Dethklok works (almost) as well as a metal band as an instrument for mockomg metal from the outside. I'll be reviewing the album for Prefix and hopefully I'll touch on these issues.


Dethklok is going to be awesome at KUP.S. Although Tenacious D was like a Joke Band, or "Show band"(because of their 6 episode show)..their a real band now..I've seen them live...and that means their very real..that was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen besides Daft Punk..MURMAIDER..your life was ended by mermaids :D


Anyone who appreciates hard-rockin guitar and Metal orchestration in general, will natually agree that the music which appears on both the show and the Dethklok album is well constructed and presented in a manner that is respectfull to all that is Metal. It seems to me that Brendon Small takes this whole Dethklok creation very seriously and while the show is meant to be humorous and mocking of the genra, as soon as the music begins, it's time for some serious Metal. Regarding the tour dates, I see the Los Angeles area show at UCLA on Nov. 1 listed, yet when I go to the UCLA website, it's as if they have no clue about this event. Nothing is listed on their calendars and venues, and it's too big a place to just show up and hope to find it... " Yeah, dude .. just follow that stream of blood right there and ... " (why do you think it's free?)


Hey Thominsence, did you ever make it to the UCLA gig? I had the same problem when I visited the site - I guess the Ackerman Student Union isn't an officially sanctioned venue at UCLA so they had nowhere to advertise it online. On the other hand, the show wasn't open to non-students so there'd really be no point in advertising to the public. I got in via Dethklok's publicist and the show was pretty packed. Gonna have a live review up shortly.

Etan Rosenbloom

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