Track Review: Vampire Weekend “A-Punk”


    Current New York City darlings Vampire Weekend are indeed worthy of note. Their starched collar, Paul Simon on safari routine is a sip of cool lemonade in the city”’s muggy ””serious indie”” air. But why does the initial pace of this song make me deathly afraid of a blog-fueled ska revival? Probably because these guys are so smooth. I could see Ezra Koenig”’s Britt Daniel croon and infectious ””Hey!”” shouting paving the way for a horrific relapse into wallet chains and dangerous elbow dances if this skanking impulse is left unchecked. You know people would fall for it.

    Vampire Weekend are too consistently likable for this to be more than a passing concern. A cool organ breeze and a shifting drum beat save the day, prohibiting too much snark from being slung at their New York Times featured, digitally distributed exclusively by Other Music, Columbia University, golden boy asses. So a little snark, but the class warfare anti-Strokes kind that has very little to do with the music itself.