Track Review: Of Montreal “Feminine Effects”

    With the new material played at their most recent New York City show fresh in my mind, it feels safe to say that next year’s Skeletal Lamping LP will have large doses of the glam and funk that have given Kevin Barnes and Of Montreal the biggest success of their career. This piano based torch song taken from a recent Minnesota Public Radio appearance suggests that the impending record might be more complicated than that. With a wonderfully earnest delivery, Barnes crafts a song that could have been an atypically straightforward Bowie weeper circa Hunky Dory, or even an unusually subtle[more:] Elton John album track (which is not an insult, I swear). “I know I’m not your cut, but I never thought that I was just something to be laughed at,” he quivers. While the emotionally nude directness of the song does leave it’s narrator vulnerable as hell, its stark beauty doesn’t invite any chuckling.