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Track Review: Mike Doughty "I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress to Keep on Dancing"

Mike Doughty, whose name rings a bell almost certainly due to the fact that he used to front 90'''s cult fave Soul Coughing, has a solo LP Golden Delicious out on ATO this February '' and a lead single that will knock your post-grunge socks off. While we'''re an equal-opportunity employer of the human emotional spectrum here at Prefix, it should be noted that if you feel like frowning, read no further: this ain'''t your older brother'''s Soul Coughing (frontman).
''"I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress to Keep on Dancing''" is all time-warp, all groove: one of those infectious, percussion-driven alterna-pop singles that would have dented the charts ten years ago but is now '' in lieu of passing its hat toward any du jour aesthetic (see Killers, The) '' a fairly safe bet to get lost in the shuffle. Which isn't a shame, exactly; 90's na na na-rock bit the dust for a reason. But as far as nostalgia trips go, I'm pretty sure we've all had one involving the words "Hey! Gather 'round '' Spin Doctors is on!" If so: have we got the non-hit-record for you. If not: wow, this is embarassing.
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Mike Doughty

just got back from his show, which was excellent


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