Track Review: M.I.A. “What I Got”

    MIAAs our readers are clearly blindingly hip, I’ll just go ahead and assume that you’ve already been listening to M.I.A.’s still yet to be released album Kala at a steady clip for weeks (go to our girl’s MySpace to hear it streaming if you need your hand held, lame-o). I’d imagine that even catching the charming Ms. Arulpragasam clown around with spastics and schoolkids has done nothing to tide you over. No, at this level of hyper awareness you’re clearly ready for a bonus track.
    “What I Got” is the most immediately satisfying of three extra cuts tacked on to the album’s domestic release. M.I.A. drops taunting slurs over a huge distorted beat. “What I got you can’t get it from your Mama,” she boasts. Considering that she follows this up by saying that one of things she’s in possession of is an “alien aphrodisiac” it’s safe to say that it is an accurate statement. This track also partially solves the mystery of what happened to pre album song “Hit That” by encorporating its “tap tap that bed to the wall” verse at 1:30 in. This is slightly aggravating, as “Hit That” was by far the stronger total composition. Logically though, it’s cash register beat might have lessened the impact of a similar sound on Kala‘s finest track “Paper Planes.” A choice between that instant classic and the forgotten “Hit That” is no choice at all. So why let good lyrics go to waste?