Track Review: Los Campesinos! “You! Me! Dancing!”

    Considering the sprawling murk on the last Broken Social Scene record, I’m sort of gob smacked that producer Dave Newfeld managed to make the similarly unwieldy Welsh seven-piece Los Campesinos! sound so bright and shiny. After a misleadingly plaintive Mogwai intro, it’s all laser beam guitar hooks, glockenspiel breakdowns, and sweet female backing coos. Lead singer Gareth has one of those British voices that wavers between earnestly beleaguered and 100% kidding. So when the tempo takes an unexpected step back [more:]from the prevailing breakneck tempo, and he coyly laments his lack of ass shaking acumen, the sharp listener is right to be suspicious. He’s using his shyness to seduce, that one, and all the sideways winding riffs and spoken lyric bursts in the world can’t derail this track’s alluring sex appeal. In light of the stuffiness present in much of the current indie rock scene, we’ll forgive the transparent subterfuge.