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Track Review: Liars "Mimic the Hurricano"

So it's unofficial Liars day on the 'fix today, hitting you with both a review of the band's fourth album and an earful of this righteous b-side for its first single, "Plaster Casts of Everything." One suspects that "Mimic the Hurricano" might have been left off Liars' tracklist because they couldn't chance validating the "art freaks return to dancepunk" headlines that would have surely ensued. The pulsing zombie rave beat makes it clear that the Liars still like to party. Also, the fact that they chant "we like to party" at you repeatedly. Specifically, they like to party like it's 2002, care not if there will be cake present, and will not grant late entry even if you are the "great snake." There's a menace as the track progresses, the repetition switching outward to a fascist "you'll party" demand. But the boys haven't sounded this maniacally hedonistic since the Fins to Make Us More Fishlike EP, and it's a total kick to hear. While no sane person should want such an exciting and unpredictable band to dive back into their past triumphs entirely, we can overlook it just this once.

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Track Review

what a jag.who are you(WE) to "overlook" anyone's art?
this song is great,and these dudes are great for giving it to "US"..I hope they change their name to POST-PUNK HACKS,and call their next record "ART FREAKS RETURN TO DANCE-PUNK AND PULSING ZOMBIE RAVE BEATS" just so you have to babble on about how their "creativity has withered away" or something.wank.


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