Track Review: LCD Soundsystem “Hippie Priest Bum-Out”

    Folks counting on James Murphy & Pat Mahoney’s upcoming Fabriclive mix to supply you with ahead of their time gems that could easily slip into your next playlist right next to sleek modern tracks from the After Dark comp. might want to realign their expectations a touch. Because once you crack the plastic, you’ll be getting a double barrel shot of disco, serious industrial strength seventies disco that was probably too intense for the loudspeakers at the suburban roller rink. The only nod towards the current work of the disc’s compilers is this brief interlude from LCD Soundsystem. In the context of the band’s catalog, this former b-side is fairly short and forgettable. But inserted in to this specific mix its low key groove is a welcome respite from the sweaty moans and unfettered funk that surrounds on all sides. Like a cool down period in an orgy, just to make sure no one pulls anything (that they didn’t intend to).