Track Review: Kylie Minogue “2 Hearts” (Studio Remix)



    kylie The strutting glam quality of Kylie Minogue’s comeback single “2 Hearts” is its obvious, immediate draw. The piano bounces, Kylie vamps, everyone “oooh”s on cue. The way the Swedish electronic duo Studio rework it flies in the face of that unsubtle appeal. [more:]The song swells from a just under three minute burst to a nearly eight minute stroll. To accommodate the expanse, Kylie’s purrs are stretched and slowed significantly. This is a risky move. Even though Ms. Minogue has proven to be an enduring pop figure, it’s had more to do with perk, perseverance, inspired song selection and shimmering hot pants than overpowering vocal chops. Her voice sits rather uncomfortably in the mix here, secondary to Studio’s guitar flourishes and glitter effects. As they gradually move even further away from the song they were tasked to re-interpret, the track becomes thicker and more interesting. Tightly coiled synth circles and organic bongo percussion work surprisingly well together in aid of the lub-dub heartbeat rhythm that’s been present all along. But really, it doesn’t hold up as a remix because the there’s barely any dialogue with the original version. In short, it’s successes seem entirely beside the point.