Track Review: Interpol – “The Heinrich Maneuver”

    Hailing from the “if it ain’t broke” school of thought, the first single from the soon-to-be third Interpol album doesn’t really make any wrong moves, just very familiar ones. If I had to pinpoint a tiny smidgen of sonic progression from the band’s sped up Bunnymen template, I’d be tempted to say that perhaps Paul Banks’ dead baritone soars a touch higher then before. The chorus of “Today my heart swings!” is certainly anthemic if not as warm or joyous as the lyric suggests. The production does sounds clean and muscular though, like major label studio dollars couldn’t help but fill in a few cracks of their signature sound. Also, since the lyrics are as puzzlingly meaningless as ever (“you wear those shoes like a dove”?), at least there seems to be less of them.
    So, if nothing’s changed really, why can’t I shake the feeling that this is actually pretty boring? I’m guessing it’s because nothing’s changed really.
    Interpol – “the Heinrich Maneuver”