Track Review: Interpol – “Mammoth”


    The lead single from Interpol”’s Our Love to Admire may have been a bit of an overly familiar snooze, but it turns out that the album does contain some specks of sonic evolution. “Mammoth” begins at a fast pace, the rhythm section pounding away in one spot. The first voice you hear is a windy falsetto that might be Paul Banks in theory, but maybe not.
    It”’s not a vocal timbre he”’s yet put to record, at any rate. Banks”’ characteristic dead eyed deadpan chimes in thirty seconds later as the song”’s intensity continues to rise. The lyrics are vague and off putting as ever, but with the raised urgency level lines like, ””we should dance like two f*cking twins”” become passable shout along fodder.
    After this energy flash, the song simmers into half speed atmospherics, with Banks again giving his delivery a gentle tweaking. These interchanging elements are reshuffled for the song”’s entirety, but the initial falsetto and even some well placed pompous Siamese Dream chimes make well placed appearances.

    It sounds bold yet nuanced, and if it was secretly inserted into your iPod Shuffle you wouldn’t be convinced that you”’d already heard it. For a band as glued to a signature sound as Interpol, the small diviations are vitally important.