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Track Review: Giant Drag "Oh Father"


On paper, a Madonna song roughed up and mumbled through by Giant Drag's marble mouthed Annie Hardy sounds like a dream. But even her considerable charms can't save "Oh Father," which was easily the worst single lifted from 1987's immortal Like a Prayer. Acclaimed for its supposed inside glimpse into the troubled Ciccone household, the original slid by on personal intrigue and heart tugging strings. The cover, soon to be included on the indie tribute album Through the Wilderness and posted by Stereogum yesterday, is hard to take seriously from the girl who wrote "You Fuck Like My Dad." Even a muted guitar transformation and emergency string section removal surgery can't change the the tune from schmaltzy to bad ass, a trick Hardy effortlessly managed with "Wicked Game." Is it to late for her to rush back into the studio and knock out a grunge "La Isla Bonita" or something?
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Giant Drag
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You're an idiot. That's the best song on that record


The Like A Prayer album was released in 1989... get your facts right and i might take one of your reviews seriously.

Spangle Maker

I refuse to take any music critic seriously who actually uses the word 'grunge' to describe anything. Only starbucks VPs and soccer moms use grunge to describe any style of music. Why is it that people who write about music have no idea what it really is? Sorry, Jeff. You fail. Good luck with your post-rock, hip-hop inspired solo project. I'm sure you'll go far...See you on MTV2 with your super cool new haircut...


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