Track Review: Fire Engines “Candyskin”

    Whoever compiled 2004’s Codex Teenage Premonition for Domino Records can draw one of two conclusions from the soon to be released Hungry Beat. Optimistically, there’s the argument that your effort to shine a light on the work of the ragged early eighties Scottish post-punkers established an audience for Acute’s new Hungry Beat disc (due Oct. 2nd). Self consciously, though, they’ve got to wonder whether Codex‘s muddy sound and frustratingly incomplete set of unintelligible live cuts didn’t mandate a second high profile compilation within three years to actually document the band’s sound.
    As heard on their 1981 masterstroke, “Candyskin,” the Fire Engines were one of the finest bands of the entire era. Its memorably sideways guitar hook, evocatively silly lyrics, and string laden pop charms were easily the most immediately likable moments in a very prickly little No Wave catalog. New fans hooked by the track will possibly be put off by all the yelping they’ll find upon further investigation of the group’s work. At least now, for the first time since the early 90’s Fond compilation slipped out of print, the studio documents exist to discover.