Track Review: Fiona Apple – “Sally’s Song”

    (via: stereogum)
    Considering her meager output over the past ten years, anything new from Fiona is a cause for celebration (or at least blog posting). But this cover doesn’t fold under the pressure. See, Tim Burton is putting out a 3D version of A Nightmare Before Christmas soon, and to go along with that, the studio gathered up a group of high profile artists (don’t ask) to cover songs from Danny Elfman’s goth-silly soundtrack. This here’s “Sally’s Song,” and it proves what we knew already from “Extraordinary Machine”: Fiona would be great singing show tunes on Broadway. Not that the song isn’t dark and gloomy, or that a certain musical adventurousness doesn’t reflect in the gentle chimes and marching drums that fight off the weeping strings. But really, this is a big stage production (I see fire and people dancing on ropes!) with Fiona’s voice holding it all together. And really, I can’t think of anything that could topple something that powerful.