Track Review: Cat Power “Song to Bobby”

    “Oh God, can you tell me who are you singing to,” Chan Marshall pleads in “Song to Bobby,” the only original composition from Jukebox, her forthcoming covers record. It’s not a question often asked by her legion of devotees, as there are hundreds of would be white knights who’ve prefered to think that her pain is only for them. She sounds sweet and clear here, not so much tortured as starstruck by her idol Bob Dylan. The music behind her is lush and gentle, much closer to The Greatest than her stark and fragile first Covers Record. The Dylan inflection she used on her track from the I’m Not There soundtrack is present here but toned down and much less distracting. [more:]Where Chan used to be cryptic and maudlin she’s now plainly confessional, detailing her transistion from teenage fangirl to an artist whom deserves the attention of the man himself. Hearing her stunned reaction when Dylan calls her record company asking after her, and the resulting heartbreak that she’s stuck out of town, is a charming reminder that stars of any stature are still humbled by heroes of their own. “Oh my God, can you finally be my man,” she warmly sings at the song’s close. It’s an offer that would give even a legend a moment’s pause.