Track Review: Caribou “She’s the One”

    On the forthcoming Andorra, Caribou’s Dan Snaith went into perfectionist overload, playing every note of every instrument on every song all by his lonesome. It’s not surprising then, that “She’s the One,” the lone collaborative piece on the album, should bear Snaith’s sonic stamp more than that of his co-writer, Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan. The guest’s velveteen croon is nowhere to be found, his vocals relegated to the “do-do-do-do-do” busy signal that forms the track’s foundation (as well as jumping in on a few key phrases for emphasis). Snaith’s no slouch in the singing department himself though, laying down a sweet, airy vocal that sits somewhere adjacent to the sad yet blissed out slow mo Grizzly Bear sound that’s currently all the rage.
    The production is as immaculate as you would expect from such a fussy one man band. Nervous guitar down strokes, buttery synth lines, mini string swells, and crisp drum hits make their presence felt but never overpower the lovely melody. The beat picks up strength going in to the almost hummable chorus, but never threatens to replace the melancholic introspection with escapist ass shaking. When you’re in the midst of such radiant tones, there’s no need to get away.