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Toro y Moi Says Sophmore Album Will Be Festival-Friendly

If you’ve seen Toro y Moi live over the past year, you’d know that project-mastermind Chaz Bundick has been playing almost exclusively new material. Now we’ve got a release date for those songs. His sophomore record, Underneath the Pine, is due out on Carpark Records on Feb. 22, a year after the underrated Causers of This. I chatted recently with Bundick backstage at a show; he told me he wrote the new record with “festivals in mind,” so expect something more danceable. Check the track list below. [Pitchfork]


01 Intro/Chi Chi
02 New Beat
03 Go With You
04 Divina
05 Before I'm Done
06 Got Blinded
07 How I Know
08 Light Black
09 Still Sound
10 Good Hold
11 Elise

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Toro y Moi

Hope he doesn't completely eschew the more guitar-based stuff if that turns out to be true.

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