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Tori Amos Believes Lady Gaga's Fame Will Be Fleeting

Tori Amos has a new album to promote, titled Abnormally Attracted to Sin, and she inexplicably turned her attention to Lady GaGa in a recent interview. Perhaps mindful that any mention of Gaga will generate column inches, Amos decided to tell the world why the “Pokerface” singer won’t last long in the music industry.


"She's what I call a meteor - singers who entertain people for a while. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that,” Amos told British tabloid newspaper, the Sun. Amos is clearly blessed with clairvoyant insight into Gaga’s career, shoving those “next Madonna” claims aside and belittling her longevity.


"The question is, will Lady GaGa be playing alongside Neil Young at Glastonbury in 20 years time?” she asks. It seems distinctly unlikely that Gaga would care about sharing a stage with Young, who will be 83 years old two decades from now. Amos seems to think the singer is a simple quick-fix tonic for people hit by the recession (“her timing's perfect,” she said), but the ever-rising sales of The Fame suggest something much bigger is afoot.


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Lady GaGa
Tori Amos

Not exactly an out-there sentiment.

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Because Tori wasn't a flash in the pan at all. Her career has thrived to epic proportions right?


I used to liek Tori, butt then she produced Choirgirl Hotel, which sucked, it was her turning point of being really really appalling.

Richard Pieater


Richard Pieater

funny - I've always thought Lady Gaga reminded me of Tori Amos. :S


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