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New Tori Amos album coming in May

Via Billboard:
Crack open an ice cold can of crazy, because that redheaded strange one Tori Amos is returning to the scene with a new album. On May 1st, the flaming-haired piano goddess will release American Doll Posse on Epic. She's got a posse, ya'll, so look out!
A world that goes gaga over Brittany shaving her head needs Tori right now. Remember the "God" video? Now that was some fucked up shit.
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Tori Amos

A new Tori Amos album? How infinitely tautological.

Josh H.

It would only be a tautology to those who do not appreciate the infinite levels within. No two flowers in any garden are the same; any new stem from Amos' garden will be admired by many. (I may just have to buy some new 'gardening' shoes for the occasion- that would be the real tautology.)

Meghan R.

I think I just puked a little in my mouth.

Josh H.

"Crack open an ice cold can of crazy"snap! nice one john.


Yeah, Tori has always struck me as a bit batty. Not that there's anything wrong with that, per se.

John Zeiss

[...] With Tori Amos about to release a new album, Regina Spektor probably figured she should keep her face out there so that people remember there isn’t just one redheaded, piano-pounding singer-songwriter in Indiedom. Accordingly, Ms. Spektor is touring the world. She’s currently in Europe and will head to Israel before returning to American shores at the end of March. She’ll go strong through April, including an appearance at Coachella, cut down on her schedule in May, and finally end up at Bonnaroo in June. Here’s where you can catch Reggie on this continent: [...]

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Tori Amos is first and foremost a story teller. She tells stories. Just because you do not understand what story she is telling does not make her crazy. Each album is based on historical and mythological moments. If you researched what each album was about you would have a greater appreciation for her work. She has been huge fighter for womans rights. Tori started and supported the FIRST calling center for people who have been abused, raped or molested and are in need of help. Do you take into consideration that she is a true musician? Writes, sings and plays her own instrument? Produces her own albums that go multi platnum every time? She also has one of the largest fan bases in the world for someone who gets zero airplay. How many TRUE musicians can you say are out there right now? So please, don't compare her to Brittney Spears who is only a singer and has done nothing for humanity.

justin case

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