Top Earning Stars Under 30 Dominated By Female Singers

    Forbes has just ranked the highest earning celebrities under 30 and no surprise here: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber top the list with $57 million and $55 million respectively. This comes on the heels of the news that Swift was the biggest earning musician of last year, and it’s easy to see why. She rakes in $1 million per concert, her three records have each gone platinum four times over, and she earns a ton from an endorsement deal with CoverGirl. The Beebs has a similar revenue stream, though it’ll be interesting to see if investments in Spotify and Tinychat start to pay off. Wonder if they still get an allowance from their respective parents.

    But what is surprising is the gender makeup. As opposed to most monied lists like these, this one is women-centric: Bieber is the only guy in the top five. Following him are Rihanna at $53 million, Lady Gaga at $52 million, and Katy Perry at $45 million. Women musicians take six of the top ten spots, with Adele also adding to the girl (financial) power. [Rolling Stone]