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The top 50 nude music stars

What do Beth Ditto, GG Allin, Amy Winehouse, and Pink all have in common?  The answer, according to this feature on Gigwise, is they’ve all appeared nude, or nearly nude, in public. A delightful snap of Marilyn Manson with his appendage tucked between his legs kicks off the (very NSFW) series, which also includes shots of Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl nipple slip (yawn!), Evil Jared from the Bloodhound Gang (not recommended), and the singer from Rammstein in leather underwear and high heel boots (my eyes! my eyes!).

There are a few pictures (Kelis, Britney) that won’t have you reaching for the vomit bucket, but I never need to see those shots of Manowar and the dude from the Bravery again. And let’s be thankful that the photos of Har Mar Superstar and Tim Harrington from Les Savy Fav are in the “nearly nude” category. [Gigwise]
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Amy Winehouse
Britney Spears
GG Allin
Les Savy Fav
Marilyn Manson
The Gossip

my eyes were scarred looking at a few of those

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

love how they dont even put Tills name (Rammstein)
he was sexy when he was younger but i dont think any one wants to see that now


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